“Over 50% of you will develop some form of PTSD if you stay on this job,” my homeroom instructor told our academy class. “The only reason why that percentage isn’t even higher, is cuz cops are more resilient than your average person.”

Almost three years later, I’m noticing that the word “resilient” is being thrown around more frequently nowadays in cop circles, especially in a training environment. …

Image property of Chicago Sun-Times

Before the pandemic, and before George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis Police custody, my partner and I were modestly productive. We did traffic stops, gave warnings when possible and tickets when unavoidable, and recovered the occasional pistol or bag of dope. No traffic stop is routine, but the way I start every stop is: Walk up to the car, greet the driver and tell them why I’m interrupting their day, then ask for ID and if there are any weapons in the car. One time a driver replied to that question with “Nah officer, no guns. So don’t shoot me.”



Windy City Cop.

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